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Method Study | Meaning, Objective and Procedure | Student Notes |

 Meaning or objective of method study

Meaning of Method Study

Method study includes the study or critical examination of the existing way of doing the work. The reason behind this study is to find, develop, and apply the easier and effective method of doing the work. It helps in reducing cost and unnecessary activity. In other words, it is a process of examining all the activities to find a simple way of doing it.


Objective of Method Study

1.) Analysis of the movement of the men and material.

2.) Subdividing the activity into smaller parts

3.) Simplify or modify the task to improve the workflow.

4.) reduce unnecessary activity to increase productivity.

5.) Ensure effective material handling to reduce wasteful activity.

Procedure of method study

1.) Select

2.) Record

3.) Examine

4.) Develop

5.) Install

6.) Maintain



1.) Select

Method study can be applied to every work or operation which is performing in the organization. The management has to be focused on the work which is important or where the chances of getting a better alternative are high. There are no rules and regulations given for selecting the work for applying method study, but the company can follow these factors, which are :


a.) Economic Factor

It means that method study on specific work will provide any financial benefits to the company. Such circumstances can be

Ø High operating cost

Ø More labour Working hours

Ø Long production process

Ø High idle time of men and machine

Ø Excessive wastage of material


b.) Technical Factor

The team must have some technical knowledge to work on method study.

Example - If workers are idle, then just buying a new machine will not justify it. Companies have to analyze the reason behind it.


c.) Human Factor

The company should be careful while selecting the job for the method study. The company should discuss it with the workforce or staff and if they do not like it, then it should not be selected by the company.


After selecting the problem. The following questions should be asked

Ø Is this the right time to solve the problem?

Ø How much time will it take to solve the problem?

Ø What are the limitations that can be faced while solving the problem?

Ø Is this study going to provide any financial benefits?


2.) Record

The next step in the method study is to record the information regarding jobs. The success of the method study depends on the quality of information. As the quality of the output depends upon the quality of input, in the same manner, the development of new methods of production depends upon the quality of information.


Recording should have following features

a.) The recording information should be in written.

b.) The method should be used in a simple way so that ordinary people can understand it.

c.) It should help in determining the sequence of operations.

d.) Effort should be made to get formal and informal information.


3.) Examine

The next step in the method study is to examine the information. It is done to identify the activities that can simplify the operation process or eliminate unnecessary activity from the process. It will help to know what action to implement, how to implement, where to implement, when to implement and who will implement it.


4.) Develop

In examination various alternatives are examined, and in the developing stage best from them is chosen. Some factors need to keep in mind like the cost involved, productivity ratio, training time, maintenance cost, etc. After developing the method, prior approval of top management is required, before implementation.


5.) Install

The most challenging step in the method study is to implement the plan. It is a process in which a plan is turned into action. A proper understanding and support of all levels of management are required for the proper implementation of the plan. The new plan needs to be explained in such a manner that everyone becomes aware of it.


6.) Maintain

The management should check that plan is implemented properly. Proper motivation and monitoring of employees are required that they do not go back to their old ways of doing work. If any shortcomings are there, then proper steps to be taken to correct or solve them.

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