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DAGMAR Model | Awareness | Comprehension | Conviction | Action |


DAGMAR  is an abbreviation for Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results. This Model was developed by Russell Colley in 1961 for setting advertising objectives and measuring advertising results.

According to this model, the overall objective of advertising includes communication, create awareness, give information, develop an attitude about the product, and influence action.

The main objective of this model is to communicate the desired message to the target audience. This communication task involves 4 stages.

1.) Awareness

Awareness of the product or service is required before the purchase. The primary purpose of advertising is to improve consumer awareness about the product.

Once the consumer is made aware of the product, it should not be forsaken. The consumer tends to get puzzled by other competing advertising if they get ignored.


2.) Comprehension

Awareness is not sufficient to influence the customer for the purchase. Knowledge and the right understanding of the product and the company are important. This can be done by providing information about the company and product.

Example: If you want to convince people to buy a new toothpaste brand, it may be required to compare the product with other toothpaste brands, otherwise provide additional benefits.


3.) Conviction

Conviction means where the customer judges different products to buy the product he like most. At this stage, a sense of conviction or faith is established, and by creating interests and preferences, customers are convinced that a certain product should be tried at the next purchase.

The aim is to create a positive mentality to buy a product.


4.) Action

This is the last step which includes the final purchase of the product or service by the customer.  As soon as the desire to buy is generated, this must be transferred into action, that is, the purchase.

    In the case of online purchase, this would ultimately be the shopping cart process, in which a customer is lead to a conversion.


1.) In the AWARENESS stage, Company ABC spreads awareness among the consumers about its new product ( Electric Car ) launched in the market.

2.) In the COMPREHENSION stage, Company ABC represents its   consumers the features of the new product and reminds the consumers of the company ABCs logo and brand name.

3.) In the CONVICTION stage, Company ABC connects the consumer emotionally to the new product so that the consumer establishes an emotional preference for the company ABCs brand.

4.) In the ACTION stage, consumers purchase the product and Company ABC makes sales.

Advantages of DAGMAR Approach

1.) Target Audience

2.) Precise and Clear

3.) Measurable

4.) Specified Timeframe

5.) Written Goal


1.) Target Audience

DAGMAR requires the target audience is well defined. A group of potential customers, who have the highest likelihood of purchasing the product, is the target market. Identifying the target market includes the process of demographic, geographic, and psychological segmentation.


2.) Precise and Clear

The objective of communication should be a precise and clear statement of whatever message the advertiser wants to communicate to the target audience.

The product must include all the details and benefits of Product.


3.) Measurable

Whenever the company launches any new product they set goals and objectives to measure the result. Measurement is an important factor in the advertising process. Measurement assure that the company achieves its desire goal or objective. If there is any difference between sets goal or result then the company has to take proper precautions.

4.) Specified Timeframe

A good and sound objective has a specified time frame, during which the objective has to be achieved by the company. If a company going to launch any product then the objective regarding product have to be achieved within the timeframe.

Setting a particular timeframe confirms an effective evaluation of results.


5.) Written Goal

The goal should be mention by the company. When the goals are written, basic differences, and defects are exposed, it becomes ultimately easy to determine whether the goal contains the important aspects of the DAGMAR approach.


Importance of DAGMAR Approach

1.  Growth in market share.

2.  Improve sales turnover.

3.  Perform selling function.

4.  Advertise a special reason to buy.

5.  Remind people to buy.

6.  Create awareness about the product and brand.

7.  Create favourable emotional towards the product

8.  Correct false impressions, wrong information


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