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Social aspects of Advertising | Positive or Negative Aspects | Student Notes |

 Advertising represents social life as it updates us daily. It is a part of our life because we breathe ads like air. It sends us the latest information about new products. It is like a friend who guides us to purchase the best product. Advertisement is blamed for manipulating customer to buy things which they do not require.

Advertising should be used to provide information like price, features, quality, uses, etc. It does not be used for playing with customer emotions.


Positive Aspects of Social Advertising

1.) Informed Society.

2.) Health Awareness.

3.) Prevent form diseases.

4.) Environmental protection.

5.) Social changes.


1.) Informed Society

Advertisements, help the society to get informed about various products, their uses, safe handling of dangerous goods, effective use of the product, price or quality difference between the product, etc. But still our society far from information about the products. There are some companies which moreover focus on selling products.


2.) Health Awareness

The advertisements on health drinks, hygiene food, pollution control product, and their installation, etc., make the people aware of health and hygiene. It helps society to protect themself from unnecessary health issues and live healthy and hygiene.


3.) Prevent form diseases

There are so many diseases in the society, some of them spread like fire, some of them worked slowly, some spread infection among others. Advertising helps to know all about these diseases and make us aware that how we can save us from the disease.

The best example of it is CORONA ( COVID -19 ) that affects millions of people.


4.) Environmental protection

Environmental protection is the need of time. The attack on nature by cutting more and more trees, letting off industrial waste into the open, growing urbanization, etc., are brought the environment into a dangerous situation. Advertising makes people aware of the need for environmental protection

For Example- Launching a campaign against the use and burning of plastics, Save water save the planet, make the world green again.


5.) Social changes

Social changes that are changing the lifestyle, way of thinking, like accepting women as equals, women empowerment, up-gradation of traveling vehicles, new and better technologies for education, developing public opinion against child labor, girl education, keep surrounding clean, etc. These all the changes come through advertisements only.


Negative Aspects of Social Advertising

1.)  Deceptive Advertising

2.)  Harmful Effects

3.)  Advertising to Children

4.)  Create Confusion

5.)  Forceful Selling


1.) Deceptive Advertising

Advertising wins the confidence of the consumer by showing their ads effectively or unethically. Deceptive advertising indicates that the advertisement is not true there are some misrepresentations, fraudulent presentation of product, misleading interpretations shown in the advertising.


2.) Harmful Effects

Advertising has a harmful effect on society. Nudity, bad habits, stereotype culture, surrogate advertising, etc. affect on society badly. Many people have criticized the advertising that affects social or cultural traditions.


3.) Advertising to Children

Children are shown as cute and happy in advertising. Ads are shown in such a way that children force to there parents to buy the product. Sometimes parents require the product for their children. For example, a diaper that absorbs the urine. The perfect family with a happy child is  used to target the middle class.


4.) Create Confusion

Advertising creates confusion in the minds of the customer while taking any decision of product. Multiple and repetitive advertising irritates people. If new and new products are launched month by month that is costly. It creates confusion that which product will fit as per the taste which will cost less and provide better quality.


5.) Forceful Selling

Advertising play with the emotions of the customers. The company exploits the sentiments and desires of the customers. Sometimes they motivate us that this product will boost your body strength, mind abilities, etc. sometimes advertising emotional attachment with the product. Thus customers get attracted to the product.


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