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Work Study | Meaning, Objective, Techniques and Advantages | Student Notes |

Meaning of Work Study 

The survival and growth of a manufacturing organization depend on its productivity. It is the ability of the organization to achieve the same or better output by using the same amount of input. It provides a great advantage to the organization as compared to its competitor. Advantages like less cost of production, less price of the products, high profits, a better image in the market, etc.

Work-study helps the company to increase its productivity. Work-study is a combination of tools and techniques ( method study and work measurement ) used to analyze that how work will be executed. It ensures that all the factors of production utilize in an effective manner. Work-study deals with the human being and their handling of other factors of production of the company.

Work-study involves analyzing and evaluating the best method of doing the work and then develop a standard for performing the job. It helps in diving the work into small parts and then tries to complete the work in the shortest time with maintaining the quality of the product. It will increase the productivity of the company.

Objective of Work Study 

1.) To analyze the present method of doing a job for developing a new and better way.

2.) Optimum utilization of resources.

3.) Establishing a standard time for performing the job.

4.) To increase productivity by ensuring the best possible use of human, machine, and material resources.

5.) To achieve the best quality product and service at the minimum possible cost.

6.) Identification of wasteful activity.

7.) Creating coordination among different factors of production.

8.) Smooth production process and enhance job satisfaction of the workforce.

Techniques of Work Study 

1.) Method Study

2.) Work Measurement


1.) Method Study

Method study includes the study or critical examination of the existing way of doing the work. The reason behind this study is to find, develop, and apply the easier and effective method of doing the work. It helps in reducing cost and unnecessary activity. In other words, it is a process of examining all the activities to find a simple way of doing it.


2. ) Work Measurement

It involves methods and tools used to analyze the time in which work is executed. It includes examination and developing the standard time in which the work will get completed. Standard time is the time taken by the well-trained workforce to produce one unit. 

Advantages of Work Study 

1.) Increased productivity and operational efficiency.

2.) Reduced manufacturing costs.

3.) Better manpower planning.

4.) Reduced material handling costs.

5.) Provides a standard of performance to measure the efficiency of work.

6.) Provides better job satisfaction to employees

7.) Increase profit.

8.) Improve the image of the organization.

9.) Reduce wastage.

10.) Better worker-management relations.

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