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AIDA Model | Attention | Interest | Desire | Take action |

 The AIDA model is a model used in marketing that defines the stages a customer goes through in the process of purchasing a product. The AIDA model is an abbreviation of attention, interest, desire, and action. It has been studied and transformed multiple times over the years, both in marketing and public relations.


History of AIDA Model

American businessman "E. St. Elmo Lewis" introduced the AIDA model in 1898.

Lewis can be considered a pioneer when it comes to the use of scientific methods for designing advertising. He has shared his knowledge in written form and seminars at US universities. His AIDA model can be seen as an important legacy because the formula is still used more than 100 years


AIDA Stands for..

1.) Attention

2.) Interest

3.) Desire

4.) Take action

1.) Attention

The product must attract the consumer's attention. This is done via the advertising materials. It is a type of eyecatcher.

To grab peoples attention, you have these weapons.

2.) Interest

This is one of the challenging stages in the AIDA model. Advertising will get the attention of a mass of your target audience, but can your advertising engage with them enough so that they will want to spend their valuable time understanding your message in more detail?


3.) Desire

It is the sellers task to convince the customer that they want to purchase this product. In some situations, the advertisement or the product itself creates the desire to purchase.

A good way of building the customer desire for your product and service is to link features and benefits. The purpose of your product is to give a specific benefit to the customer of your target market.


4.) Take action

   Finally, be very clear about what action you want your readers to take. As soon as the desire to buy is generated, this must be transferred into action, that is, the purchase.

In the case of online shops, this would ultimately be the shopping cart process, in which a customer is lead to a conversion

Example of AIDA Model

Attention You gain attention by putting your interesting content over Facebook that people would find interesting to read.

Interest The reader reads all your content over Facebook and gets curious regarding your content.

Desire The reader has been enjoying your content. They know that your wright books also and being to want your book.

Action The reader finally decides to buy the book and see the link of an e-book on Facebook and take action.


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