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Innovation Adoption Model | Awareness | Interest | Evaluation | Trial | Adopt |

 1.) Awareness

Awareness is the phase in which the customer is made aware of the product or service, that there is a new product available in the market. In this stage, advertising has to highlight the feature and benefits of the new product. It will help the customer to differentiate the product with an old product or competitor product.

2.) Interest

Interest is the second stage of the customer where he finds the product interesting. Now the awareness of new product spreads in the market. Customers start getting more information about the product. If customers looking for any feature, then is this product include that feature.


3.) Evaluate

The customer starts liking the product so he starts evaluating the product more. IN this customer evaluate the product in depth. Customers take analyses that are there any products available in the market with the same feature or benefits. What will be the price of this product if I buy it?


4.) Trial

Consumer trials are an essential part of a new product launched in the market. Product trials and samples allow consumers to try a product with no risk before they consider purchasing it. If the product is of long-term use then the trial will help the company to generate lead also, because customers get faith in the product by using it.


5.) Adoption

Product adoption defines the process of the customer in which they are ready to buy the product because they understand its value. This stage needs to be smooth and simple, otherwise, the customer will get irritated and walk away without a purchase.

For Example, a variety of payment options encourages purchase because if they don't have one they can go with another. On the opposite side slow website discourages purchases.


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