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Stereotyping in Advertising | Meaning and Types | Student Notes |

Meaning of stereotyping 

ü A stereotyping is a fixed image, set of characteristics, qualities, a personality that a lot of people have about someone or something.

ü It can be positive or negative.

ü Stereotyping also is known as a label, pattern, categorize.


Stereotyping in Advertising

Stereotypes include things or people that follow a common pattern and category, which is common in advertising. People are complex. We cannot define them by a single role. In advertising, labels are used to an individual or group of people to provide them a role. Gender stereotypes are common in advertising. Pay attention to cleaning activity and you see a female playing the lead role in advertisements. Such types of ads do not show the right picture. The company shows these types of ads to attract the audience.

Types of Stereotype Advertising

1.) Children.

2.) Women.

3.) Men and Masculinity.

4.) Skin Color.


1.) Children.

Children are shown as cute and happy in advertising. Ads are shown in such a way that children force or request to there parents to buy the product. Sometimes the ads itself create a demand for their parent, that they require this product for their children. Products are positioned to solve a problem for the parents. For example, a diaper that absorbs the urine. The perfect family with a happy child is a common stereotype used to target the middle class.


2.) Women.

The campaign for gender equality is strong, and women have ignored for a long in advertising campaigns. Some of the advertisements shown women as housewives and buying beauty products.

The role of women in advertising is changing nowadays, they started buying products, doing jobs, driving cars, doing their own business, etc.


3.) Men and Masculinity.

Masculinity means a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles associated with boys and men. Men acquire major area in advertising from old time, they are shown at the top level of the company, driving a vehicle, buying expensive gifts, head of the family, gym guy, sportsperson, etc.


4.) Skin Color.

Color is discrimination common in all over the world in which persons are treated differently based upon skin color, which is white or black. From the birth of the child, we start liking them by color. Nelson Mandelas name comes to our minds when we talk about color discrimination.

    Color plays an important role, especially in a girls life. So, all the beauty products show that they will turn you from black to white.


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