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Problem in Advertising Research | Information | Funds | Time | Methodology | Expertise |

1.) Insufficient Information.

2.) Lack of Funds.

3.) Time Pressure.

4.) Inappropriate Methodology.

5.) Inexperience Expertise.


1.) Insufficient Information

Advertising research requires huge information. It includes information on age, taste, attitude, education level, geographical area, etc. If the advertiser is lack of information, then media research will fail to fulfill its purpose. In Advertising research, the main role is of information weather it is pre-advertising or post-advertising.


2.) Lack of Funds

If an advertiser wants to make quality analysis on advertising research that which advertising will be the best fit for the target customer, then the advertiser has to burn a lot of money. Funds are the big constraints for most of the company or advertisers due to which they are not able to make effective research on advertising.


3.) Time Pressure

Change in the environment is sudden and quick. These sudden changes require quick research by the advertiser regarding advertisements. If advertising research is made without proper analysis then all the efforts get wasted.  It creates a lot of time pressure on advertisers because they have to make their research at the appropriate time.


4.) Inappropriate Methodology

There are various methods available for advertising research but you cannot apply anyone from them. It depends upon the type of data available and the objective of the advertising research that which method will be suitable. If you use the wrong method for your research then the outcomes will come with errors.


5.) Inexperience Expertise

Advertising research is not an easy task it requires expert those have deep knowledge for research. It requires the services of talented, experienced, and skilled researchers. If the researcher does not have sufficient knowledge, experience, talent, then the analysis goes wrong.


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